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Brand Overview

James Glen meets the challenge of maintaining our strong brand presence in the marketplace. A presence that encompasses the company, its people, its products and it's branded collateral.

It is an exacting process where the company develops a consistency and expansion of the brand, displaying innovation and forethought, which works to build a strong organisation that can work with our customers in providing the best possible service.

James Glen is continually looking to achieve customer satisfaction by exploring, sourcing and marketing new and existing products to meet the requirements of the industry.

Vital to the success of James Glen providing brand assurance and consumer confidence can be attributed to the following areas of our business:


Maintaining leadership in the market place today means staying abreast of new products, industries and technologies. This is a vital part of our strategy. James Glen is committed at looking to business opportunities that will allow us to continue our growth and development. To provide a platform that will allow us to investigate new, exciting and innovative products to meet the needs of our customers.


As a wholesaler it is imperative that we have in place definitive purchasing channels whereby we can source products actively and cost efficiently that will meet the essential standards that are set by the industry. We have a highly experienced purchasing team in place who have built up strong and trusted relationships with key suppliers who we entrust to supply us with quality manufactured products that will stand up to the rigors of the job on which they are utilised.

We have capabilities to source a wide and varied range of product from M5 up to M52 in diameter and stainless material including Duplex and Super Duplex grades. We can meet customer demands by sourcing product for specialised jobs or project work.


We recognise that superior service makes the difference. We have qualified customer service teams in each branch that can assist with any sales or technical enquiry with the know-how to make your ordering procedures quick and easy. They are committed to providing you with the highest level of customer service and convenience to assist with meeting your specified needs.


The foundation that allows for our business strategy is owed in great part to an effective warehousing system. From our central warehouse that services each of our branch locations, James Glen is able to offer high service levels, prompt delivery and increased ordering efficiencies. With the most expansive range of products stocked in Australasia, this is not only a major undertaking but is a critical aspect of our business. That we have the team and facilities in place to afford such high service degrees to our customers demonstrates James Glen's commitment to providing our customers and the industry as a whole with the best possible serviceability.


James Glen offers a modern equipped testing laboratory that is available to our customers for a range of material testing. Certification can be supplied when requested or necessary. The lab provides a state-of-the-art environment for conducting a multitude of tests on products. Quality control is imperative for safety aspects, customer satisfaction and peace of mind in knowing that the product will indeed perform as expected.

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