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Australia's leading brand in stainless fasteners and hardware

With the broadest and deepest product range on the market, JAMES GLEN is one of the global market leaders of Stainless Steel Fasteners, Stainless Steel Marine & Architectural Hardware, and Stainless Steel Construction Fasteners.

Established in Australia in 1964, JAMES GLEN specialises in the manufacturing and wholesale distribution of stainless steel connection elements such as bolts and nuts, marine accessories, hardware and fittings. Thanks to their new warehouse's capacity and efficiency increases, JAMES GLEN always guarantee the highest levels of assortment and availability of all the products. The company can dispatch more than 300 orders a day and ship all over the world. The products JAMES GLEN deals with meet DIN/UNI EN ISO regulations, and the quality management system is certified by the ISO 9001/2008 rule. With a modern equipped metallurgical laboratory for analysing and determining the material-specific properties, JAMES GLEN has extensive quality testing and the highest standards in the industry.

JAMES GLEN is committed to expanding its product range and services to support and grow its customers' businesses. We continually launch new and innovative products and services to "secure your future".

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