James Glen is the industry leader in offering what is undoubtedly the most comprehensive Stainless Steel Fasteners range and stock in all sizes of bolts, nuts, washers, hex socket screws, metal thread screws, self-tapping & wood screws and security products in metric, imperial and in all grades.

An extensive portfolio that covers all aspects and requirements of the industry, providing quality products that can be used in confidence. James Glen has forged a solid reputation and position in the fastener market, due to our business relationships with manufacturers and customers alike, allowing us to source a varied range of product to suit your needs.


Stainless Steel Fasteners Catalogue Book


  Download the product sections of the catalogue in PDF format. Click on the section headings below.

Bolt Products

• Hexagon Head Bolts

• Hexagon Head Set Screws

• Cup Head Bolts

• Hexagon Coach Screws

Nut Products

• Standard Hexagon

• Fine Pitch

• Left Hand

• Lock/Half

• Dome/Cap/Acorn

• Glenloch

• Wing

• Weld

• Nylon Insert

• Slotted

• Coupling

• Flange

Washer Products

• Flat Round

• Spring

• Belleville

• Cup

• Crinkle

• Curved

• Mudguard

• Small OD

• Tooth Lock

• Serrate

Hex Socket Products

• Socket Head Cap Screws

• Low Head Cap Screws

• Socket Head Set

• Button Head Socket Screw

• Countersunk Socket Screws


Metal Thread Screws

• Cheese Head

• Mush Head

• Round Head

• Pan Head

• Raised Countersunk Head

• Countersunk Head


Self-Tapping and Wood Screws

• Bugle Batten

• Countersunk Head

• Pan Head

• Raised Countersunk Head


Security Products

• Eye Drive

• Post Hexagon

• Post Torx

• Nuts



• Bits

• Keys

• Tools



• All thread

• Engineers Studs

• Circlips/E Clips

• Flat Head Nails

• Snap Pins

• Push Rings

• Split Pins

• Hex Socket Pressure Plugs

• Hump Back Split Pins

• Glenloch Wave Spring Pins

• Rolled Spring Pins

Hardcopy versions of our catalogues are available upon request. Contact us to arrange for delivery.